Family Mediation Manitoba

About Us

Family Mediation Manitoba Inc. has assisted in the development of a national standards and certification program, and promotes principles reflected in the FMC Code of Professional Conduct as established by Family Mediation Canada

As part of its commitment to the maintenance of high standards in mediation, Family Mediation Manitoba Inc. provides its members with ongoing professional development through networking events, annual workshops and training courses.

Founded in 1986, Family Mediation Manitoba Inc. (FMM) is a network of interdisciplinary professionals made up of private and court-based mediators, lawyers, social workers, judges, human services workers and students.

FMM is a non-profit association organized to promote family mediation in Manitoba.

The purpose and goal of Family Mediation Manitoba Inc. is to promote the use of mediation as a preferred method of dispute resolution in family matters.

Family Mediation Manitoba Inc. has worked in partnership with the courts, government and non-government agencies and is recognized as the primary organization representing family mediation in Manitoba.

​As of August 29, 2019 FMM has merged with ADR Institute of Manitoba. Go to to see what ADRIM has to offer.

Board of Directors

Lisa Huberdeau, President
Eleanor Moore, Secretary
Alia Harb, Vice President
Ron Bewski
Anastasia Glacken
Sandy Koop Harder
​André Lorrain
Pamela Leech